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Who we are

Refugee Info Bus is a small grassroots organisation operating on the UK border, in Northern France. We are dedicated to supporting refugees on the move, or who have just arrived in Northern France, with up to date practical, accessible information and assistance, access to the internet and phone charging. This includes legal information and support as well as practical info on services available for food, clothing, access to education or employment. On the ground, we operate out of a mobile bus. We distribute new cables, plugs and phone batteries as well as sim cards. Through generous donations from our supporters, we have also facilitated phones to communities in Northern France. 

Online, we have a strong following of service users on Facebook who request information from us in Farsi and Arabic, and a growing number of people messaging us in Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo and Urdu, stretching from Germany, to Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Lebanon (Facebook doesn’t provide statistics from inside Iran and Syria). Through our online videos and services, we are able to reach thousands of displaced people. You can find our online videos here

Our mission is to assist refugees and displaced people, where we can, in having access to the rights and privileges that people with European passports take for granted.

Our Current Info Bus in Operation (1).jp
Our First Info Bus in the Calais _Jungle
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