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We always love to hear from people who are interested in our work. We are a tiny team and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, but please bear with us!, Call us on +44 7402402798 or via email at

Volunteering Enquiries:

We are always looking to hear from people interested in supporting our work.    We are especially interested if you have language skills, you have a writing background, a legal background, experience as a refugee, fundraising enthusiasm or admin enthusiasm.   


Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you,

Media Enquiries:

For the past two years we have been working on the frontlines of Europe's ongoing refugee crisis, in Calais, Dunkirk and in Greece.  This gives us unparalleled access and up-to-the-minute knowledge on what is unfolding, or how new policies are impacting on the rights of refugees in Europe.


We can provide journalists with comment, interviews and media and the most up-to-date information. If you have enquiries, please get in touch at,

Thank you so much to our every person who has donated, volunteered or inspired us to continue our work on a daily basis.

We are so grateful for all of your support so far, we can't continue our work without it!

Registered UK Charity Number: 1168538

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