Refugee Info Bus is seeking new Trustees!


We are looking for:

  • Trustee - Treasurer

  • Trustee - Secretary

  • Trustee - Legal 

Refugee Info Bus is recruiting new volunteer board members. We are looking for people with the skills, experience, energy and time to commit to our vital work. Our Board is responsible for the governance of Refugee Info Bus. The Board does not directly manage the day-to-day work, but provides oversight, shaping organisational strategy and supporting our staff and volunteers. We are more hands-on than most charity boards. 

We are particularly interested in hearing from people with experience in fundraising, human resources, financial management, legal oversight and/or people with direct experience or family history of migration. Previous board experience is not essential. 

Below is a general role description, then some specifics for named roles. 

About Refugee Info Bus:

Our mission is to support refugees and displaced people on the move, or who have just arrived in Northern France, Greece and the UK, with multilingual, accessible legal information and support, as well as phone charge, Wifi, basic mobile phones and battery packs.

Being a member of the Board:

Board members are unpaid, but travel expenses to meetings are reimbursed. These usually take place online or in London. As a result of the pandemic, we are currently meeting over Google Meet. All trustees are expected to attend 4 quarterly meetings and an annual member’s meeting. Many trustees are now meeting monthly as we adapt to the pandemic.

In addition to attending Board meetings whenever possible, and the annual member’s meeting, Board members usually commit to undertaking small pieces of work in-between meetings, including (but not limited to) reading meeting minutes, supporting the info bus team and carrying out agreed actions. 

In total, a trustee should expect to dedicate 10-12 days per year to Refugee Info Bus work.

We have a Whatsapp group for trustees to stay in contact, and each trustee will be given a Refugee Info Bus gmail address. We are in the process of becoming a membership organization.  Trustees will need to become members of Refugee Info Bus.

Is the RIB Board of Trustees right for you?

The balance of skills, knowledge and professional backgrounds that we seek to maintain on the Board includes:

  • Governance skills (including awareness of Company and Charity rules and regulations, including safeguarding).

  • Fundraising (including donor relations with the public and philanthropic sectors and grant management).

  • Communications and Media (including profile raising strategies, public relations and social media).

  • Influence and connections with decision makers and influencers in the areas in which RIB works. 

  • Community/ youth leadership work. 

  • Ability to motivate and mobilise people.

  • Organisational governance and project management to help support us with our ambitious goals.

As an applicant, you certainly do not need to have all of these skills! We recruit trustees to maintain a balance. 

Main Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Support the Chair and work with colleagues on the Board as it carries out its leadership role and fulfils its responsibilities towards the governance of the charity.

  • Support the Chair and, in partnership with co-ordinators and other members of the board continue the development of Refugee Info Bus, its work and help achieve the mission of the organisation.

  • Promote and support gender-sensitive, diverse and inclusive ways of working.

  • Work with colleagues on the Board in achieving a shared vision of the organisation’s future as well as an understanding of the external environment and the charity’s risks and opportunities when reviewing annual plans and the periodic review of the organisation’s strategic plan.

  • Be a supportive presence to the staff/volunteers of Refugee Info Bus and take part in events.

  • Take an active role in promoting and representing Refugee Info Bus effectively to other stakeholders, including donors, partners, officials and politicians.

  • Contribute specific interest and contacts in support of Refugee Info Bus communications, fundraising and external engagement work.

  • Following the Board Safeguarding Terms of Reference, engage with RiB’s work on safeguarding to create a positive safeguarding culture and help us keep all people safe.

Trustee Specification 

Knowledge and Experience

  • An interest in the type of work that Refugee Info Bus does.

  • A link to one of the areas of responsibility listed above. 

Key Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, being able to engage with all staff as well as colleagues on the Board.

  • Personal integrity – sharing Refugee Info Bus’s values.

  • Incisive and insightful thinker able to contribute to the organisation’s strategic and creative thinking.

  • Good communication and listening skills.

  • Collaborative, inclusive and persuasive.

We are currently recruiting for the roles of Treasurer, Secretary, Legal Trustee


The Treasurer is the board member with an oversight role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with co-ordinators and the other members of the board to safeguard the organisation’s finances.

The Treasurer role at Refugee Info Bus, in addition to general trustee board responsibilities, involves the following tasks:

  • presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the charity’s financial position

  • advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities

  • liaising with professional advisors

  • overseeing the preparation and scrutiny of annual accounts

  • Being a signatory on the Refugee Info Bus bank account alongside the co-ordinators and our accountant

  • Oversee preparation and filing of annual statutory accounts



The Secretary is a board member with the role of ensuring the efficient administration of the charity


  • Arranging board meetings and planning agendas alongside other trustees

  • Ensuring that decisions and actions of the board are accurately recorded and implemented

  • Familiarity with Refugee Info Bus’ Governing Document

  • Management of our membership database, including the distribution of of RIB’s membership information, safeguarding policy and code of conduct




The Legal Trustee is a board member with the role of ensuring that the charity complies with the law and regulatory requirements.


  • Advise the board of any legal and regulatory implications of the charity’s strategic plan

  • Familiarity with Refugee Info Bus’ Governing Document


How to Apply

To apply to be a Trustee of Refugee Info Bus, please provide the following: 

  • A letter of interest explaining your motivation for applying, your interest in the role and how you meet the requirements for the position of Trustee. This should be a maximum 2 sides of A4, minimum 10 point, Arial

All the above should be emailed to Tim Hansen, Chair of the Board of Trustees at clearly marked “Trustee Application” in the subject line. All applications will be acknowledged and will be reviewed on an on-going basis by members of the Board. The deadline is no later than the 2nd of November 2020.

It is likely interviews will be held online using Skype or a similar platform.

Interview dates TBA.

These dates may be subject to change and applicants will be advised in advance should this happen.

Thank you so much to every person who has donated, volunteered or inspired us to continue our work on a daily basis.

We are so grateful for all of your support so far, we can't continue our work without it!  We would also like to say a special thanks to the trusts and foundations who have invested their money in our work:

Father O’Mahony Memorial Trust
The Morel Charitable Trust
The Calpe Trust
The Leach Fourteenth Trust
The Souter Charitable Trust
The Mirianog Trust
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
The Donald Forrester Charitable Trust
The Persula Foundation

Donate for Refugees

The Just Trust
The Souter Charitable Trust
The Ashworth Charitable Trust
The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust
European Cultural Foundation
Help Refugees
The Farthing Trust
The A B Charitable Trust
The John and Susan Bowers Foundation

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