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Last week, The Independent ran an article titled: Home Office set up fake website to deter asylum seekers from crossing Channel with ‘misleading’ claims.

Refugee Info Bus is a humanitarian organisation providing a simple service to people in need in northern France. For the past 6 years, we have provided access to WiFi, phone charging and information for people living in dire circumstances. 

In northern France, people who feel compelled to make dangerous journeys across borders because of violence and abuses in their home country are put at risk by disinformation from those who offer false hope in order to exploit them. We are proud that alongside our WiFi and phone charging, our small charity provides publicly available, impartial and accurate information about access to services and access to asylum. We urge the Home Office to work transparently to provide accurate information, including about people’s rights.


We understand that other organisations are challenging the content and approach of the ‘On the Move’ site, operated by the Home Office, and that advocacy organisations are pushing for the Refugee Convention to be respected, for more humane treatment and accessible processes for people seeking asylum. We express solidarity and respect them in doing so in order to protect the rights of us all. 


Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters.

Enquiries about this statement:

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